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Finding and Sharing the Path to the Divine Light Hiding Within the World’s Darkness

Ever since I arrived in this world, I’ve wanted out.

I don’t remember a time when I felt like this is where I’m meant to be. I’ve always felt like I’m meant for some other place. A much better place.

I’ve always been less of a participant and more of an observer of the life going on around me. I always felt something off-putting about humans’ never-ending struggle for possessions, for experiences, for sanity.

My goals were in a whole other realm. Meaning. Truth. The Point. Divinity. I searched far and wide for these things. However, I always came up empty.

Along my journey, I’ve been called an “old soul.” I agree. I feel like this is far from my first ride in the rodeo called life. But that begs the question: Why is my soul so old? Why didn’t I find the way out before this life? Why am I back here yet again?

The Dream Before the Life

I had a dream last year that felt like I was reliving an actual incident that occurred before I entered this life. It began with me entering a space. It was not really a room. Just a space. With no markings, no stuff, and no color. If anything the space was one shade of off-white-ish.

I wasn’t exactly human. More of a spirit. Three spirit-like entities followed me into the space. Then they wordlessly guided me to a portal-type hole on the far side of the space. I understood that I was being taken to preview my next life.

I bent to look into the hole. But in my dream I didn’t see my next life. I just woke up in it.

I believe what happened in the dream is the depiction of a real event — perhaps metaphorically. But what does it mean?

What I think it means is that in my past life, I was this > < close to getting out of this world. However, some small thing held me back and I had to return. One last time. I had something more to learn, or do, or pay for karmically. But what?

Why Am I Here?

Based on everything I’ve experienced so far, I believe that I’m here on this earth in another life (a very challenging one at that) for two reasons:

  1. I was sent here as a wallflower to become a spiritual warrior and kick some guru butt. I certainly did this — not with one guru, but two. A rare undertaking. I contributed significantly in exposing them for the charlatans that they were — primarily by speaking out in my book, Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus. And also by supporting young women abused in the cult and by reporting my findings on social media, in traditional media, and in public talks.
  2. I was also sent here to search for and finally find the divine. Then guide others toward the path out of here.

I’ve accomplished goal one. Now I’m embarking on number two. This is a new development based on my recent realization of the divine truth and the process to escape the worldly illusion. On Sunday December 17th 2017, after a lifetime of searching and a three-day deep dive into ancient spiritual teachings, I had the epiphany I’ve been waiting for my whole life. In a nanosecond, I realized who I am, who God is, what the world is, and what it will take to transform into the fullness of my divinity and finally transcend this world.

This phase of my life-long spiritual pursuit began accelerating on July 1st 2016. On that day, at a cult conference, a speaker described a particular nugget of spiritual insight to those of us gathered there. That mind-blowing insight kicked off a fierce spiritual breakdown that I had to endure and recover from to get the clarity I needed for enlightenment. It led to one of the most challenging 18-month periods of my life — and, ultimately, to my moment of divine realization.

Although I was living through hell, I was also discovering the deepest, most profound spiritual insights I’d ever learned in my life. It was like a steady rain of new revelations. They all coalesced on the evening of December 21st, when the full realization of everything I’ve always wanted took shape in my mind.

Sharing the Path to the Divine

Since then, I’ve wanted nothing more than to share the spiritual insights I’ve gained with others seeking what I am seeking — the way out. It’s similar to the feeling I had when I learned the truth about my ex-cult. I had an overpowering desire to share what I’d learned about the twisted organization with those who wanted nothing to do with two rapist gurus and their criminal operation.

I am entering my new mission fully aware that the majority of “spiritual seekers” are actually deeply attached to this world. They are not really looking for the way out. They are just looking for interesting ways to live happier, cooler, richer, or whatever lives here on earth. My insights are not for them.

Of course, they are also not for the people who have no real spiritual aspirations. They believe the world is all there is. As a result, it’s all they want. If they believe in an afterlife at all, they believe it will be a continuation of their current lives with all the same people around them. This group comprises the majority of the earth’s population.

There is a third group of people on this earth — infinitely smaller than the other two. Like me, some people are not attached to this world of illusion — with all of its happiness and disappointment, accomplishment and struggle, and pleasure and pain. We live in longing for the place we ultimately belong — the great divine far beyond this mundane, temporary place.

The people I’ll help guide will be these true spiritual seekers. The people ready to awaken to the reality, prepared to realize the truth, and willing to do what it takes to transform into the divine being they were meant to be — so they can transcend this material world once and for all.

I am hoping to find these people and share the spiritual insights I’ve received. I’m motivated to take this path on my journey now, because I wish that someone had guided me in the right direction sooner. It could have saved me from experiencing so much darkness.

The 3-Step Process to Enlightenment

For those few souls, this blog will be dedicated to this mission. Every week I will share new insights that will help guide true seekers toward the divine world of their dreams.

Fair warning — this insight is not for the weak of spirit. This is the hardcore spiritual insight that few even understand — including today’s popular so-called “spiritual gurus.”

This week, I’ll leave you with the first bit of essential spiritual insight: Divine realization is not a single-step process. It’s a multi-step process with three specific levels you must traverse:

  1. Awaken — you must awaken from the illusory worldly dream (or nightmare)
  2. Realize — you must realize who you really are (and who you really aren’t)
  3. Transform — you must transform into your true divine self so you can transcend this material world

It’s interesting that the acronym of these three levels of spiritual evolution spells ART. I believe this is not an accident. I’ll explain why in future posts.

If you have any thoughts, comments, or questions, please reach out. I’m here and ready to help true seekers of the divine world.

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