Young woman walking on a sandy beach

Advancing on the Spiritual Journey — Toward Your Ultimate Understanding of Your Eternal Divinity

This Article is Part 1 in a Multi-Part Series on Wisdom Insights for Your Spiritual Journey — and  Your Beautiful Life

Young woman walking on a sandy beach

“Be Here Now” — the best philosophy for experience the beauty of this world and the magic of your life as a divine being on earth.

After I escaped from my ex-cult, I would not listen to or read any “spiritual insights” from anyone. I wanted to be free from dogma, misinformation, and the basic BS that false prophets peddle for name and fame.

However, there was one book that came to me as if by magic, that I read it — Be Here Now by Ram Dass.

This book seeded my mind with new insight on a new way to live.

For so long I’d lived in the future. Actually, some magical future, where I was divinized and living in the divine world with God for eternity.

My ex-gurus continually preached that we needed to constantly have our mind in the “leelas” (divine pastimes) of Radha-Krishna, the form of god we worshipped.

This activity is about as far from the Be Here Now philosophy as you can get. In fact, it demands that you not be present at all. It requires that you live in a constant state of yearning for a magical future.

In the process, you completely forfeit the present — and the present is where true happiness exists.

Any philosophy that counts on the past or future to reach happiness is wrong. It’s just a diversion from the truth. It’s a con game tactic to control you.

Until you can be present and immersed in the life right in front of you, you will never be happy or content.

But when you reach that stage, your life in this world will take on new meaning and you will be able to experience its joy, wonder, and magic in all its glory.

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