You Are Already Divine — So, Enjoy Your Unique, Wonderful Mayic Experience

Part 1 in a Multi-Part Series on Transformative Insights on a Spiritual Journey

Life is Beautiful inspirational message

Life is beautiful — and your purpose is to experience as much as you can, love yourself and your life, and realize you are already divine.

Neither in my 14 years in a Hindu ashram, nor during my 11-year spiritual journey before that, did anyone tell me the most important aspect of life — you are already divine.

It took enduring a 25-year fruitless spiritual search and eight years of just living in the world (with a “be here now” attitude) to finally learn this critical fact.

This reality began dawning in my mind on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. An Indian friend of mine, Mohan Joshi, who had also been involved in my ex-cult, said something to me that was so simple, yet so profound, that I asked him to repeat it two times to let it sink it.

He said: “Your life begins with your awareness.”

Although it’s a simple statement, it’s extremely profound, but hard to grasp.

I got it on one level and recognized the truth in it — I think because of everything I’d been through, including 14 years on a fruitless pursuit to “become divinized.”

I asked Mohan to explain further. He said:

“There are only two things that exist: awareness and everything else.  Awareness (which is beingness and bliss, as described by Satchidananda) is the only reality. Everything else, including mind, space, time, the Big Bang, and the entire creation, are only objects that appear in our awareness. Pure, undifferentiated awareness is what we ARE.  Everything appears in it.  Our birth appeared in it, our life is experienced in it, and our death too will one day appear in our awareness. But we will go on.”

Awareness of the True State of Your Existence

I found myself meditating on his words, gaining comfort from it.

Then, shortly after my conversation with Mohan, I read something on an obscure website that expanded this concept even deeper for me. This additional information further evolved my understanding of my life on this earth.

This knowledge I was gaining completely upended what had once been my singular goal — finding God so I could live in the divine world for eternity.

In several articles, the site discussed a philosophy about human existence. I took from it a simple fact combined with Mohan’s comments about awareness.

It is this: We are already divine.

What’s more, we were divine before this life. And we will be divine after this life. Our only connection to this world is our awareness of it.

Why we don’t know this already is that we are here for a reason: To experience this unique, endlessly fascinating expression of the divine. And to do that we have to be fully present with the world, not with our innate divinity.

Your Project? — Love Your Beautiful Life

We are here to experience this creation in all its magnificence, wonder, magic, and beauty — as worldly beings.

Some people will wonder, but what about the painful aspects of life? We also have to experience the pain. Why? Because the very nature of maya is ying and yang. The pairs of opposites are in everything — heat and cold, hunger and satiety, love and hate, and more. You cannot have the good without also having its opposite: the bad.

To really experience the magnificence of maya, you have to experience it all. And we experience it all through a succession of lives, which cascade along a progression from basically a “baby soul” to an “advanced soul.” More advanced souls can fully understand this philosophy. Others are moving toward it.

The tradition of karma still has its place in this philosophy: We experience the result of our actions in our succession of lives in maya — we live sometimes “good” lives, sometime “bad.” But, yet, each of them is a new experience in the mayic creation. And we must understand that and appreciate the experience.

Since adopting this philosophy, I’ve been the happiest, most satisfied, and most appreciative person ever. I am living life the way it should be lived — fully. Not in the stifling confinements of someone else’s worldview or con game.

I only wish I had realized this truth sooner.

I will share more transformative insights in upcoming articles in this series.

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  1. Karma doesn’t exist I believe..we take these live on our choice and everything which happens here always is our choice..Only thing is we lose our awareness in the process and go back to come again and celebrate..this plane of bliss which we created.HENCE REGAINING OUR AWARENESS IS THE ONLY MOKSHA AND KNOWING OUR DIVINITY IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL AND ROUTE MAP TO CELEBRATE,EXPRESS,AND EXPERIENCE THERY BY GAINING THE WISDOM AND FULFILLING OUR PURPOSE OF THIS LIFE AND LRAVE THIS PLACE ON OUR CHOICE WITH OR WITHOUT THIS EMBODIMENT..AND COME BACK HERE AS AND WHEN WE WISH TO…ITS OUR CHOICE…

    1. Rishika

      Hello C. Ravikumar. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m also interested in hearing what others think. My thoughts on what I believe have evolved since I wrote this blog post and I have to update what I think. I believe something akin to what you described. I definitely believe we have to gain our own awareness and that this world is not the place of bliss some people seem to think. I will update my thoughts over the next few months. Please stay tuned.

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