new year 2014 digits on ocean beach sand

It’s Going to Be a Happy 2014 — As I Dive Deeper into My Inner Wisdom

After I Quit “Religion,” I Discovered My Inner Wisdom — But There’s So Much More to Learn

new year 2014 digits on ocean beach sand

2014 will be the year I discover everything that lies within my Inner Wisdom — join me for an Inner Wisdom Journey, where you’ll access your higher power!

I’m so looking forward to 2014.

2013 was one of the most challenging years I’ve ever lived.

Even the first five years out of my ex-cult, while very very challenging, were also a bit magical.

For one thing, I was out of a horrible cult! With that came a wonderful sense of freedom.

Plus, during those first years out, I lived in a kind of miraculous bubble where I magically had a steady flow of work, had a tight network of ex-cult friends for support, was helping child victims of the cult win legal battles, and was doing all I could to inform the world about the evil intentions of my ex-cult.

Then the rubber hit the road in 2013 — the protective bubble slipped away and I had to find new footing in the real world.

In hindsight, I understand that it was a necessary next step on my journey back to myself.

And now I’m here: in 2014 — wiser and happier than ever before.

I’m especially wiser about spirituality, which I deeply devoted myself to for more than half my life.

But, alas, I was looking for answers in all the wrong places — like Dorothy, looking for the way home when she was already there.

My New Spiritual Journey into My Inner Wisdom Begins Now

After years of seeking the divine through a manmade “path,” when I left the cult I placed a moratorium on listening to or reading anything about religion.

I’d heard enough — and it was mostly lies. I just wanted to be left alone to be a human being unfettered by religious dogma.

As the fields lay fallow (so to speak), I began to feel something entirely new — I was more present than I’d been since I was a child.

I was truly living in the present — effortlessly living the philosophy of “be here now.” It felt like my natural state.

It was exhilarating to be living and enjoying life — and not waiting for some mythical existence in some ephemeral “divine world.”

When I shifted into this present state of mind, I was able to, for the first time, see the miracles and divinity all around us every moment.

I realized that this is our natural state — it’s what we were created to do: To truly experience the world in all of its divine, miraculous glory.

What’s more, we were also created to tap into and explore our own innate (God given?) inner wisdom.

It was my innate inner wisdom that naturally led me to live in the present moment and see the miracles and much more.

Now I want to know what other treasures lay within my own mind and heart.

That’s why I’m embarking on my Inner Wisdom Journey in 2014.

I’m fully prepared for the next levels of understanding and personal power that await me.

Embark on Your Journey — and Discover What Lies Within Your Inner Wisdom

It took me a long time to realize that our own inner wisdom should be honored and cherished and not squandered when false prophets (profits!) cross our paths and try to usurp our personal power for their personal gain.

These fake gurus, teachers, advisors, counselors, and priests just get in the way and misdirect us.

If our life passes with a guru in the way of our inner wisdom, we’ve lost a great opportunity to get all the answers we seek from within ourselves — too often the last place we look.

I’ll be tracking my Inner Wisdom Journey on this blog. I’ll explore a new aspect of my journey every month.

In January my journey will begin with the mind. I’ll examine the power of our mind and what keys it holds to accessing the full treasure chest of our inner wisdom.

If you are ready to take your spiritual journey into your own inner wisdom, then I invite you discover with me what lies within.

As I share my journey, please also share where your journey leads you.

I believe that 2014 will be a miraculous year for self discovery, understanding, and realization.

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