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Mind Games Sociopaths Play — Are You Being Tricked by Ad Hominem Attacks?

This Article is Part 1 in a Multi-Part Series on the Con Game Tactics Sociopaths Play to Control You

After Sally presented an eloquent and compelling case for a more equitable taxation system, Sam asks the audience whether we should believe anything from a woman who isn’t married, was once arrested, and who smells weird.

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Watch out for ad hominem attacks from con men and women — they just want to divert your attention from the truth.

This example from Your Logical Fallacy Is illustrates a con game tactic called ad hominem logical fallacy. An ad hominem attack is one of many tricks used by con men and women to attack a person’s character or personal traits to undermine their position.

The fallacy is that the person launching an ad hominem attack is not at all commenting on the actual issue at hand. Instead, they are attacking the person, hoping the attack will make others question the person and therefore their position.

It’s an immature move used by many in the con game industry. Their goal is to divert people’s attention away from important issues.

It often works because the listeners hearing the “argument” don’t realize they are being swindled, and asked to look at the swinging gold watch in one hand, while the con man or woman’s other hand is picking their pocket — like the fact that my two fake ex-gurus are pedophiles, molesters, and rapists.

“Such people use this fallacy as a tool to deceive their audience. … if looked at rationally, such arguments even if true never provide a valid reason to disregard someone’s criticism,” according to LiteraryDevices.com.

Beware the Twisted Power of Ad Hominem Fallacy Attacks

As someone who openly opposes a rich, and therefore powerful, cult, I have been the recipient of many ad hominem attacks. This makes sense — because the cults’ leaders and members cannot refute my statements about them, because they are true. Faced with this dilemma, they just attack me — 99 percent of the time with complete lies.

Just recently I found a new ad hominem attack when a Google alert about one of my ex-fake-gurus popup on my screen. I clicked the link and found a page featuring a rambling diatribe against me, citing a litany of lies, slander, and libelous statements.

It’s difficult to fight ad hominem attacks. If you engage in the bogus dialogue, you are as foolish as the person who wrote it.

The best way to fight it is to educate people about ad hominem fallacies, so they can recognize them, see through them, and dismiss them for the nonsense they are. Then, as the saying goes, consider the source of the attack.

After all, ad hominem attacks say nothing about the person being attacked — and everything about the people launching them. In this case, the author of my recent ad hominem attack is hiding, like a coward, behind the cloak of anonymity.

You can learn a lot about my ex-cult by reading these ad hominem attacks on me. Here are a few.

1. Cult Ad Hominem Attack: “One of the key players in spreading hatred against Swami Prakashanand Saraswati and the Hays County Indian community is ironically, Rishika, who gave her self the Indian name Rishika, to seem less racist.”

Truth: I spread the truth about Prakashanand Saraswati and Kripalu Maharaj and their cult. I never said a word about anyone else or any other community.

Truth: I gave myself the name Rishika in the beginning simply to protect my identity from what many have said is a dangerous cult. I thought it was ironic, because it means saintly, something by ex-pedophile gurus said they were, but are definitely not.

2. Cult Ad Hominem Attack: “People who follow Rishika keep realizing that she is also a very sick lady with severe mental damage.”

Truth: I was depressed while living in the oppressive, unnatural cult!

3. Cult Ad Hominem Attack: The attacker repeatedly quoted from my website about book marketing — putting a negative slant on my project to help other independent authors.

Truth: The “author” of the ad hominem diatribe fails to mention (because he or she actually knows nothing about me) that I wrote my first book for a woman who lived in the cult — and learned to market books by marketing hers for her. The book eventually sold to a major New York book publisher thanks to my efforts.

4. Cult Ad Hominem Attack: “Rishika has made it her life ambition to defame Indians/Hindus by rolling out increasingly scandalous allegations which don’t exist anywhere except in her mind. What caused Rishika to become a sick, hateful and sex-obsessed woman, who sees sexual abuse everywhere.”

Truth: It’s obvious!

5. Cult Ad Hominem Attack: “Several times, the “author” insinuates that I wrote the book to make money and that, in fact, I’m allegedly minting money from this book.”

The Truth: Hahahahahahaha. What a joke! Meanwhile, don’t look over there, while the cult robs you blind and adds your hard-earned money to its billion-dollar stockpile.

I could go on and on with all the ad hominem attacks, outright lies, and crazy conspiracy theories spewed by this anonymous writer. But you get the point by now.

This ad hominem attack will only accomplish two things:

  1. Gives those who want to believe something negative about me something to chew on, because I’m telling the truth and the often truth hurts.
  2. Provides everyone else with even more evidence how twisted and dangerous this Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat really is.

This ad hominem attack flagrantly avoids ever making a single comment on the issue at hand. Why? Because there is no defense.

The fact remains: JKP’s two fake gurus, Kripalu Maharaj and Prakashanand Saraswati, are rapists, pedophiles, and criminals.

Tip: If I were you I would also watch out for others in positions of power in the JKP, too.

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