Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus

Rishika’s Riveting Memoir — Now Updated with
Five New Secret Spilling Chapters!

Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus

Telling Their Secrets and Finding My Truth

Who Tried to Bomb, Ban, and Bury Rishika’s Memoir?

Rishika woke up on July 25th 2013 to find that her blog about her ex-cult had been cyber-attacked with the same force used by cyber-criminals to bring down One month before that YouTube had removed her book trailer video after receiving a complaint from a mysterious person. A few months later her ex-cult requested that Amazon remove her book — the online merchant declined.

What secrets is this cult hiding? What don’t they want you to know? Could it be one guru’s “secret sex factory” involving consenting adults and child rapes? Could it be the conviction and escape of the other child-molesting guru? Could it be the billion-dollar network of India-based trusts – created with donation scams? Or the mysterious deaths and disappearances? In fact, there are many secrets Rishika’s ex-gurus want to keep hidden – just as they had for 60 years.

Until now.

Rishika Exposes Their Dark and Twisted Secrets

Now, in Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus, Rishika exposes the dark and twisted secrets of her two former “gurus.” This riveting book is at once a true crime drama, a memoir, and a cautionary tale — warning others to look before they leap into the abusive world of corrupt spiritual leaders.

Rishika escaped the charismatic grip of two Hindu gurus’ nefarious partnership after 14 years in their ashram — and she realized a more powerful inner strength. She used her reclaimed inner wisdom to expose the gurus’ corrupt world in Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus. Where others turned their backs on the truth, Rishika chose to stand up to the abusers — to help both herself and other victims, and to warn other idealistic spiritual seekers about the wicked con game.

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Reviews for Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus

“This is really heavy duty stuff … I do lose sleep over Hindu dharma being dragged into mud because of the actions of these people.”
— Milan P., USA

“With each new revelation in your book, I get more angry and more determined to do something to cripple this corrupt organization.”
— Raj S., India

“Your narrative is very very gripping. Excellent stuff! I like your honesty and truthfulness.”
— Sandeep S., USA

“I read Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus in two days – because I could not put it down. It’s so much more than just a story of gurus. I felt so much empathy with the author. I too suffered emotionally from my years of devotion. I felt cheated, lied to, manipulated, and used. I hope that other ex-devotees and current devotees of these two fake gurus get a chance to read this book, so they’ll have a chance to know the truth. If it wasn’t for Rishika’s book and Facebook page, I am not sure I would be healing as quickly as I am.”
— Jai Hari, ex-devotee, Oregon

“Thank you for writing this book and exposing these people. There are way too many lives destroyed in JKP. There are kids who were involved with their parents who ended up with drinking, drug, and gang problems. This has to STOP. I spite people who do ANY harm to children especially. I was 22 when I was molested by Kripalu for the second time. My husband asked me, ‘How can you let it happen to you a second time?’ My answer was, ‘I was brainwashed.’ After reading Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus, I am getting some closure and want to start my life again. I just hope now to get my family and extended family out of this organization. It is an uphill battle.”
— Kailasa, ex-devotee, California

“When friends or my child asks me about my life in this cult, I can show them this book. Rishika’s story perfectly captures the twisted, insular, and secretive world in which we all lived.”
— Kate Tonnessen, child victim, Washington

“I was one of the people who gave all of my life energy to this organization for six years. I am grateful to Rishika for her brave pursuit of the truth, her wonderful memory, wry sense of humor, and great literary talent in making transparent the ‘business’ of a corrupt cult. Truth can be stranger than fiction, but it is also stronger than fiction. I hope generations in the future will know that there is no shame in being discerning when investing your spiritual trust.”
— Suzy Parker, ex-JKP devotee, Massachusetts

“After spending many years involved in this corrupt religious organization, I would like to acknowledge the author for taking on the painstaking task of systematically writing the true story of the series of events that took place. I feel it is important to record the story of what happened in the form of this book because, if the story isn’t told, it can eventually be forgotten. In the future, if one person in any sort of a group that gains control of the mind and body reads this book and rethinks his or her life, it will be worth the time and trouble Rishika took to write it. I commend her once again for her excellent organization of the series of events that led up to the trial, conviction, and disappearance of Prakashanand Saraswati. Her painstaking documentation and writing took place at a time when she was in the middle of rebuilding her own life and reclaiming her soul. Bravo!!! Well done.”
— Kathi K., ex-JKP devotee, California

Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus is one of the most important books ever written on life inside of a cult by someone who lived it. Rishika has made a substantial contribution to our understanding of cults. It is an insightful, even powerful account. This is especially true since the author writes from the perspective of a former devotee who left the ashram when she uncovered its seamier side. A young woman from a dysfunctional family, Rishika joined the cult after being attracted to its principal guru and his promises of a spiritual journey into the divine. What she found instead was a group of devotees who worshipped their gurus, even though they were hardly spiritual teachers, but rather fakir whose goal was money and sex. Those who attempted to disclose the truth of what was really going on, including the author, were cast out from the circle of believers and pilloried. Rishika writes extremely well and pulls few punches regarding her reasons for remaining a true believer for more than a decade. This I think is one of the strongest of various memoirs from former cult members. It is an excellent read.”
— Richard Schott, Ph.D., Professor of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin

Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus exposes a world that few have ever seen and that many deny even exists. It’s a world where corruption and deceit run free, and where people’s vulnerabilities are preyed upon and used against them—all in the name of religion. It’s a world that was run by two men and supported by a bevy of followers, who, sadly, in their search for enlightenment, have been elevated to merely the position of pawns in a game of sociopathy. Rishika, the author, shows great courage throughout the entire book, as she reveals the truths behind the countless lies that she and many others lived with and around for significant portions of their lives. She chronicles her journey in and out of this cult from beginning to end, and shines a light on how she was able to escape and then work to help others learn the truth about this dangerous cult.”
— Sheridan B., friend of ex-JKP devotees, Texas

“Wow! I just finished this book and want to tell say how much I enjoyed it. It was just as good as any other true-crime drama I’ve ever read in its attention to detail and writing style. I couldn’t put it down. Also I have read a lot of books written by people who have been involved in abusive cults, and I rank this book as being among the best, most definitely. Rishika shared her evolving beliefs in a way that shows the maturity of her current state of mind. It’s evident that she has shared this story purely because of her love for the truth. I’m looking forward to a future edition when she will be able to write an update detailing the capture of Prakashanand and the dismantling of Kripalu’s empire. We can only hope! Thanks to Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus I now know what people are capable of when they have blind devotion to their ‘gurus.’ I admire Rishika’s bravery in bringing this story to light.”
— Holly June Graves, ex-devotee, Missouri

“I enjoyed reading this book. It is a great expose of these two ‘holy crooks.’ If someone with an open mind at JKP/Radha Madhav Dham reads this book, it should be a wake-up call for him or her to leave that cult. They were running an age-old scam with their preaching based on two principles: making it attractive, and scaring people with tall tales of their supreme spiritual powers and credentials. There were a lot of suckers to fall into their ‘gopi’ trap. Rishika covered very well the way they swindle their disciples of their innocence and their wealth. I wish there was more information on how this charity money becomes the personal wealth of Kripalu and company. Can you get this book translated into Hindi so people in India can also find out about their black deeds?”
— Rahul, husband of devotee

“I visited Barsana Dham 10 years ago with my three young children to celebrate Diwali with family friends. We thought having a Hindu ashram in the beautiful Texas Hill Country south of Austin was special. But now, discovering what was actually going on there is horrifying. The author recounts the unraveling of this sex and money scam with unflinching honesty. By telling this difficult story in a personal way, she draws us in and helps us understand. I found the story, and the way it was written, very, very compelling.”
— Karen Roller, friend, Austin

“All I can say is wow … and amazing. You have clearly exposed the inner dealings of JKP, and the true personalities of Prakashanand and Kripalu. As you say in your book, they are truly rakshasas, demonic entities who have manifested in this age of darkness to feed upon the innocent minds and faith of countless people. I applaud you for this. By exposing them and publishing this book, you’ve clearly illustrated that they could never break you. Instead, you have broken them. I just hope and pray that more people will read your book, and that their intellects will awaken and they will learn to discern truth from falsehood. It takes a lot of strength to confront such a past and such emotions. You are brave and strong. More people should come out and expose false gurus like Kripalu and Prakashanand. I hope this book inspires others to come out and confront other gurus that prey on innocent minds.”
— Suren Pandya, ex-devotee, California