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Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus

Telling Their Secrets and Finding My Truth

Rishika’s riveting memoir — updated with five new chapters!

Rishika woke up on July 25th 2013 to find that her blog about her ex-cult had been cyber-attacked with the same force used by cyber-criminals to bring down WikiLeaks.com. One month before YouTube had removed her book trailer video after receiving a complaint from a mysterious person. A few months later her ex-cult requested that Amazon remove her book — the online merchant declined. Why is her ex-cult going to extremes to bomb, ban, and bury this book? Could it be the revelation of the gurus’ “secret sex factory”? The billion-dollar network of India-based trusts — created with donation scams? Or the mysterious deaths and disappearances — including, in a Shakespearean twist — even the head guru’s death?

Read the book my ex-cult doesn’t want you to read — today!

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Curry and Cupcakes — My Silver Lining Cookbook!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! It’s an old, but wise, saying. When life gave Rishika lemons (in the form of two scammy, corrupt fake gurus), she made peas and paneer, coconut veggie curry, and zucchini cupcakes! And now you can too, thanks to her soon to be released cookbook: Curry and Cupcakes — My Silver Lining Cookbook. Learn how to make delicious and nutritious vegetarian Indian dishes quickly and easily. These are Rishika’s own recipes of dishes that Indian guests at the ashram begged for after tasting her meals. Also, learn about the crazy life inside the kitchen of her former ashram.

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