Rishika — Writer, Warrior, Wisdom Guide

The Inner Wisdom Project promotes living a healthy spiritual life — free of dogma and abuse. The Project supports each individual’s journey to discovering their own unique Inner Wisdom — which already knows you are beautiful, magical, and divine. The Project helps provide you with the wisdom tools, transformational insights, and the skills to spot the deceptive mind games of spiritual con games.

Who am I? Simply stated, I am a writer, a warrior, and a wisdom guide. I help people discover and access their own personal gifts so they can live more satisfying lives.

But I am so much more than that — as I have discovered in the past few years. I’m also a wonderful cook, a great friend, a kind soul, an explorer, and a student of the world.

Ever since I left a “spiritual” organization, which I learned was actually a cult, I’ve had an desire to share what I have learned with others.

First and foremost, I wanted to warn people about the organization I was involved with for 16 years — to help them steer clear and not make the same mistakes I made.

Secondly, I hoped to open more people’s eyes to the tragedy of fake spiritual leaders giving people false hope, while taking their money, self-worth, dignity, and individuality.

Third, I’d like to help people learn to cook absolutely out-of-this-world delicious Indian food — something I learned from the amazing Indian cooks who passed through the ashram over the years, and shared their cooking skills with me!

I hope I share something meaningful to enrich your life!

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